immersive installation"Illuminada, The color of Scheveningen"

"Illuminada, de Kleur van (the color of) Scheveningen", an immervive installation on beach, Boulevard, Kuhrhaus and upperdeck of the Pier in Scheveningen (as Harkes/Ten Wolde)

Imagination: On the upper deck of the Pier in Scheveningen, the beach and the Boulevard between the Pier and Kurhaus roll a waves of light. This waves slides along the 43 columns of the Kurhaus up to the golden dome. In this huge wave of light videoprojections and animations float around. These images bring stories from the village and the sea tot the Boulevard. The immages float around the visitors until they are washed away by the next wave of light coming from the sea.. Following the light wave on the beach and the Boulevard the public is surrounded by story fragments, swimmers and surprising events

Technique: Installation area 300 x 300 meters. 8 steel lighthouses spread laser and video projection, computer-controlled moving light and sound. 200 banners on the top deck of the pier with City Colors. 40,000 visitors


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