multimedia installation control tower Ypenburg airport

'The Neighbors' ('De Buren') is a multimedia installation in the former control tower of Ypenburg airport. For almost two years, five thematic video projections could be seen on the windows every evening after sunset. The recordings were made in the surrounding districts of Ypenburg and Leidschenveen. Supplemented with existing film material. Projected blinds were visible on the three windows, which constantly change position and view. Behind this appeared people from the neighborhoods who walk their dogs, sit on benches or cycle by. Other themes were: an imaginary restaurant with famous people having a good time / planes taking of and landing / a fake Christmas shopping window /the surroundings in different seasons. A window wiper sweeped regular the images gone. At the top of the control tower was semi-transparent wallpaper that changes color. Every now and then an airplane shadow passes by.    

Multimediainstallatie,3 synchronous videoprojectors, stepper motor with airplanegobo en computercontroled color spolights. In opdracht van Gemeente Den Haag/Projectbureau Ypenburg/Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Leidschenveen


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