immersive installation "Open Doekjes" ("A wave of Applause")

An applause installation at the opening of STROOM/HCBK, The Hague Filmhuis/Theater aan het Spui and World Wide Video Center. The installations consisted of a steel construction at the entrance to the halls and on the roof of the exhibition spaces. Computer-controlled fans with 6-meter-long flapping banners made a sound of applause. In the evening, a light sequence accompanied the applause. After the opening, the installation continued to applaud the institutions at the spui in The Hague for a month with extra acts and performances.

Separate:Opening evening with performances and part of the applause installation 'Open Doekjes.  In addition to the flapping banners, the square at the entrance also featured a 2x6 meter waterfall that splashed synchronously with the banners. High-power fans make banners flap like applause

Technique: computer controlled winding machines, spinnaker cloth, water, light projections and theater.

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